5 Family Trip Activities That Will Keep Everyone Entertained

Traveling with your family can be stressful, especially when it comes to keeping everyone entertained. Luckily, there are many ways to have fun without the typical stress. Here are five family trip ideas that will keep everyone engaged and out of trouble.


Karaoke gets a bad rap for being a drunken activity, but if properly supervised by adults, it is an excellent way to bond with family members and avoids getting bored on long drives (also good for kids because no one else has the lyrics memorized yet). Karaoke doesn’t have to be a wild, drunken night of fun. You can play music from the car and use a microphone for quality voice-over.


Get a large basket or even a wagon full of goods from the store and let the kids chase down various items and return them to the basket. An easy version is when they find seven items, they put them in the basket and return it to you you, then check off each item they find until they get back all seven.


Everyone knows those movies that can be quoted back to the point of having a catchphrase, such as The Wedding Singer or Me, Myself, and Irene. Play a game in which you can only say movie quotes that everyone knows how to say without fail. This is a good one because everyone can play at once (and you don’t need any other props), and often times you have entire conversations in movie quotes, essentially becoming the movie people you are quoting.


This is a simple game to play that can help keep the driver awake on very long car rides. First, take some seashells and hide them in various spots inside the car; under seats, directly behind shopping bags, under tables, etc. Make sure no one sees where you hid them. The game starts when you begin driving, and any passenger who finds a sea shell gives it to the driver (also, as many points as they want). The driver then gets points every time they find a shell again after giving one away…no matter how many times in between. This will force everyone to start looking for more hidden shells and help everyone stay awake on their long drive.


This is a great family trip activity to keep everyone entertained during long drives or when on a long plane ride. First, purchase inexpensive playing cards from the dollar store and take them along with you. A good card game for families to play is Uno, but there are many other good ones out there as well. You can try playing games like War, Spoons (a card game where each team gets three cards; one of which can be any number from zero to two), or Memory.

Time with family is precious, so making sure everyone has a great time on your trip is key to having a successful trip. Using these family trip ideas will keep you and your family busy for hours and allow for long car rides that are less stressful by planning ahead and proposing fun games like these.